Planning For Fall

I haven’t written much over the summer, other than in my own personal journal a couple times. It’s been one of the busiest summers I’ve had in a long while! I visited Toronto for two weeks in July, which was a non-stop trip seeing friends and family. Also helping my Nan (my Grandma on my mother’s side) get to some appointments due to some minor health concerns. She developed Bell’s Palsy this last month which was a bit of a scare and more of a frustration for her than anything.

Coming back to Edmonton has been quite busy. This city thrives during the summer. There is so much to do and I’m sure there are still a bunch of things I’ll have to save for next year. So far this summer, I’ve been able to experience farmers markets, Taste of Edmonton, Heritage Days (Canada’s biggest multicultural event!), Shakespeare in the Park, and various new restaurants and cafes. Next week I am heading to Cold Lake with Kailene for a night, and in a couple weekends Justin and I will be visiting a farm sanctuary just outside of Edmonton! I’m. So. Excited. PIGS. 

After reading and frequenting Pinterest for about a month, I’ve finally started to pry open various English resources and planning guides because I am starting my first teaching contract this September! I’ll be the ELA (English Language Arts) Instructor for a Grade 4 class, two Grade 5 classes, and a Grade 6. I’m nervous and excited. Nervous because I am more familiar with high school students and teaching, but excited because I supplied a lot for elementary and honestly really like it. I always said I’d NEVER teacher elementary. But I’ve known since starting teacher’s college that you take what you get and you may not even start in your subject area. With that said, I’m happy and grateful for what I was offered this past June. I was a bit hesitant at first but the more that I plan and read and get to know the staff and school, the more that I am excited and confident.

Also, I will have my very own classroom! Four classes of students will come into my class throughout the day (sort of a rotary system) since I am just the Language Arts teacher, so I’ll have to figure out some organization and routines. But I am soooo excited to set up a reading nook, a library space, plants and pictures, a Word Wall, and all sorts of neat things that I maybe couldn’t do in a high school setting. I really am going to take advantage of the fact that this will be my own room.

I’m going to get back to planning and reading, but here are some pictures of my so far empty class.


My future desk area with bright windows behind me!


Trees right outside the window.


So much shelving!


Can’t wait to start decorating!

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