Hello everyone!

I haven’t written here in MONTHS. Hoping to change that this year!

However, I have still been writing! I have been posting somewhere else: my poetry instagram account! I started this a couple months ago with the encouragement of a friend in order to keep my writing alive despite being super busy with work and life. It has been a success! I have been able to write and post when I can with zero pressure, which has been a big help in my creativity and inspiration. I have created a link to my Instagram in the left sidebar for easy access to any of my latest pieces. I will also be creating a poetry category so that I can post some of my poetry directly into here as well.

I have also started a 30 Day Writing Challenge with Justin and our good friend Caitlynn. For 30 days we are writing for different prompts. There are no limits or guidelines to what we are writing. It could be short fiction or poetry or anything we desire! I am hoping to post a few of my favourite pieces from that as well.

Feeling really, really good about writing and poetry lately! I’m so happy to have found a way to share and put my writing out there. Engaging with a writing community has been so helpful, uplifting, and supportive. Still hoping to eventually put together a second zine as well once I have a wider collection and narrow down a theme.

Here’s to 2018, a year of MORE writing and reading.

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