Hello again.

Hi! I am going to try posting (again) because I have so many goals and new routines for 2019, it’d be nice to have a place to write about it all and also hold myself somewhat accountable. Currently, I am working on the following:

  • A sleep schedule with minimal alarm snoozing. During the week nights it’d be nice (and healthy for my brain) to be in bed by 9:30 and to start reading before bed.
  • Read more! Connected to the previous goal where I can read a half hour or so before bed. This goal also includes putting books aside that maybe aren’t serving me / I don’t want to read in order to read something I will actually like and enjoy. Oftentimes I will feel stuck with a book and then I won’t read it but I also won’t start anything else.
  • Less phone time before bed! Then I can read, then I can sleep at a decent time, etc.
  • Cross stitching – figure out some easy patterns? I started this several weeks ago and did some practice stitching so now I just need to get some easy patterns!
  • Tidy stuff.
  • Air plants / redo some terrariums I have!

Anyways, last week was a week that showed me how important my time is, but also how important my sleep routine is to my brain. I was going to bed at later hours and then out all day due to working and then errands and then people and it definitely MESSED ME UP. I was moody plus my period is coming so there’s that. Obviously there are going to be busier weeks! This happens! But man I still need to maintain routine.



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