I’ve been writing poetry my whole life but more seriously since my early 20s. I have written many poems that are currently all over the place (different devices, various journals, etc.) In October 2016, I compiled some of that poetry into a zine called Divided, which I sold and shared at Canzine, Toronto. It is currently out of print but I am hoping to do some reprints of Divided #1 and I am happily working on Divided #2!

Until those zines are up, you can buy prints of my poetry at my Etsy shop, wordsdivided. Right now I just have two prints up (‘Howling’ and ‘Mountain’) but soon I will have several prints available for purchase.

So, why Julie-Anne Marie

Other than these projects, for the most part I have just quietly written for myself in journals or occasionally in a blog prior to this one. My intent with this blog is to write and post more but not just poetry – anything! I have been wanting to blog again for many years but never got back into it / felt I didn’t have anything to say. But now, I have a lot to say and a lot going on. This will be a space where I can write about teaching, books, writing, adventures, and other various projects and interests.

Who knows what exactly will end up in here or become of this, but the main purpose is to write.